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Personalized Vampire Novels

Vampire romance books are more popular than ever.  From the enduring classic Dracula to more modern tales such as Twilight, vampires have captured the imagination of countless readers. Now, U Star Novels have unveiled a number of personalized vampire novels allowing anyone to star in their own vampire novel.
Blood Lust, a Personalized Vampire Novel
'Blood Lust' , a vampire romance book for adults sees our leading couple drawn into an electrifying underworld of sex, magic and blood lust, but will they fight against the seductive... more info
Erotic Romance
Dark Wolf, a Personalized Vampire Novel
Under the light of a full moon, the night brings the start of an ecstatic sexual awakening for our couple, who experience wild sexual power and allow themselves to be lured into a se... more info
Erotic Romance
Dracula, a Personalized Vampire Novel
Dracula is one of the most famous horror characters of all time and now you can star right alongside him in this personalized edition of this timeless classic. Whether youve seen any... more info
Whilst Stephenie Meyer has put Midnight Sun, the fifth book in her Twilight series, on indefinite hold, those Meyer addicts waiting to get their next dose of Edward and Bella, can instead try something new by starring alongside their own personalized bloodsuckers; from vampire detectives, bloodthirsty DJs and many more. We have a full range of modern personalized vampire novels and personalized classic vampire novels that will keep you knee deep in fangs long after Twilight’s glow is gone.

Furthermore, if you are thinking of staying safely indoors this Halloween, here are some frightening, personalized bloodsucking stories to curl up with.

Readers can include personal details such as hair color, eye color, favorite music, favorite food and even favorite lingerie which make up some of the 30 personal details we collect from each customer that result in thousands of changes in each book.

At U Star Novels, we’re really excited about our personalized vampire books. There is really nothing else out there that enables people to step into their own novel and explore their vampire fantasies.  This erotic personalized vampire novel will be a great stocking filler for those looking for something a bit different this Christmas. Twilight, Eclipse and True Blood lovers will love this personalize novel.
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