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You’re the Star in our personalised novels

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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Description: UStar Novels have developed a series of specially crafted personalized adventure romance novels that will see you and your lover entwined into a steamy love story of exotic romance and spine tingling adventure. By simply filling in our online order form, you'll provide us with the details such as; character names (real or imagined... your favorite celebrity works really well), eye colour, hair colour, favourite food, favourite music and more to co-author a 160 – 180 page authentic paperback novel where your details will feature on every page! The novels are set in an array of glamorous destinations throughout the world, and depending upon the story you choose, you might find yourself undercover on a secret mission in Barcelona, being chased by diamond smugglers in the exotic French Rivera or discovering a hidden tomb in Naples. And, remember … you can enjoy our novels with your favourite celebrity as the star too. So if you’re into licking chocolate ice cream off Brad Pitt's chest or rescuing Paris Hilton from a flaming inferno, their names can be substituted when ordering. Order your personalized novel today at
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