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You’re the Star in our personalised novels

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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Thankfully, now that British firm U Star Novels just created an American arm of its custom publishing company, old-school romance fans can find glee as the star of a book. (You as the heroine - it's the ultimate in feminism!)
Thought-provoking novels include "Amsterdam Lessons," "Safari Nights," "Fever in France," "Indecent in Italy" and "Spanish Sizzle." (Pick anyone to be the hero - your boyfriend, hubby or "Pretty in Pink"-era James Spader!) There are also two same-sex offerings: the gay cruise ship coming-of-age tale "Back for Moore," and the sure-to-be lesbian classic "Secrets of Sydney."

"The story can be about you and your favorite celebrity if you want," says founder Katie Olver, who helpfully, no-questions-asked sent me "Safari Nights" which describes my chosen hero, Barry Manilow, "stoking the blissful, agonizing want inside" me. (Oh, Barry, you came and you gave without taking!)

She explains the science of the company's customization process: "We take eye color, hair color, favorite perfume. And in 'Amsterdam Lessons' we take your nipple color, because it describes your breasts."

You can't say they're not dedicated to the craft.

There is just one problem with the books, however.

"Our research showed that readers preferred the sex scenes to be written by a female," she says. "Some of the sex scenes in 'Fever in France' could be finished in a page. If you know what I mean."

And there's one thing we know about romance fans.

They love a happy ending.
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