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The Forces Sexy Novel

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Our friends at U Star Novels are letting us create our own racy novel - and we're going to give it away as a unique prize! To win it, just join in and help create it. All emails and texts will go into a lucky dip draw.

We've already established the female star is Petal MacTooshie a milkmaid from Loch Dunkin. The man is Peter Bluebeard. Descended from a line of swarthy pirates, he's a strip-o-gram. A pirate strip-o-gram, obviously.

Her pet name for him is Cuddly-Wuddly, and his pet name for her is Snookleknickers. (Brilliant work!)

Email or text me with ANY of the following ideas:

Her favourite band.

The car he drives.

His or her choice of perfume or Cologne.

Their favourite takeaway.

Town where they live.

Their nearest airport.

Check out the U Star website HERE. If you want to create your own personal novel for this Valentines Day, enter the discount code on checkout DCBFBS and they'll give you money off AND do everything they can to deliver the book in time for February 14th!


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