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Anne Of Green Gables

Anne Of Green Gables

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A favorite for generations, this all time classic, heartwarming story is of a unique heroine and her quest for a place to call home.  Play the part of the mischievous Anne Shirley and be drawn into her vivid world of fun and eccentricity.  

This story will steal your heart forever and stay readable for years to come.  A truly delightful and inspirational story for readers from eight to eighty, now even better as it’s personalised by U Star Novels to star you!


Anne of Green Gables tells the story of Anne Shirley, an orphan who is adopted by Marilla Cuthbert and her brother Matthew. Needing help on their farm, the middle-aged Cuthbert siblings decide to adopt a child from the orphanage. They request a boy and are shocked to discover that the orphanage has mistakenly sent them the eleven-year-old, red-headed Anne. But the high-spirited young girl soon wins their acceptance despite her strong will, sense of independence, and talkativeness. Proving herself to be intelligent and affectionate, Anne becomes the central fixture of her foster family's life.

The book takes us through her first few years of existence in Avonlea, and all the scrapes she gets into including raging at the formidable Mrs Rachel Lynde, the acquaintances that she makes, and the brilliant relationships between her and both "bosom-friend" Diana and the brilliant character, Gilbert Blythe.

Book in Detail

Characters To Personalise

Anne Shirley - The protagonist of the novel. Anne is an orphan who is adopted by Matthew and Marilla Cuthbert and grows up on their farm, Green Gables. Anne is passionate, stubborn, warm, loyal, intelligent, an articulate chatterbox, hugely loving, in love with beauty and a dreamer of great imagination. We follow her as she makes social blunders and tries to quickly absorb the rules of social conduct, religion, and morality that other children have grown up learning.

Matthew Cuthbert - A sixty-year-old bachelor who lives at Green Gables with his sister, Marilla. Matthew is painfully shy and a little eccentric. Anne considers Matthew her adoptive “uncle” and a kindred spirit and always turns to him when she wants a sympathetic ear.

Marilla Cuthbert
- An unmarried woman who raises Anne together with her brother Matthew. Marilla is prim and duty-driven often driven to despair by Anne. Although she does not usually express emotion, underneath she has a wry sense of humor and a loving heart. She raises Anne very strictly, but underneath she loves her adopted daughter, and by the end of the novel she has become softer and more expressive.

Diana Barry - Anne’s best friend. Diana is a plump, pretty girl Anne’s age who lives next door to Green Gables at Orchard Slope. Diana and Anne become bosom friends immediately after they meet. Although an agreeable girl, she lacks Anne’s imagination, intelligence, and independence.

Gilbert Blythe - A handsome, smart Avonlea boy who becomes Anne’s rival in school. Anne swears never to speak to Gilbert, and even when he rescues her from the river, she refuses to break the silence between them. By the end of the novel, the rivalry has become affectionate, and Anne and Gilbert have become friends.

Rachel Lynde
- The town busybody. Mrs. Rachel likes nothing better than to give her opinion and preach morals. She lives next door to Green Gables with her meek husband, Thomas, and an affectionate, quarrelsome friendship exists between her and Marilla. Mrs. Rachel is outspoken about everything from politics to fashion, and, although she starts off sure Anne’s adoption will end in disaster, in the end even she is won over.

Thomas Lynde
– Is married to Rachel Lynde and together they have raised ten children. Thomas Lynde, is only mentioned on a few brief occasions, and never speaks.
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