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Pride and Prejudice and Debauchery

Pride and Prejudice and Debauchery

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From the first flutter of Elizabeth's eyelashes through to its orgasmic finish, Pride, Prejudice and Debauchery takes you on a witty and bawdy romp through one of Austen's most famous titles.

Star as Elizabeth & Darcy in this erotically charged and hysterically funny version of the story you love but with much more than longing glances and flirtatious conversations. If you're a fan of Pride and Prejudice you'll enjoy reading the scenes which offer a lovely balance of romance and lust, and and even people who haven't read her books will laugh when they read these sex scenes described in such a proper, old-fashioned style.

If you ever wondered what went on behind closed doors at Pemberley, now is your chance to find out and experience it first hand as you star as Elizabeth & Darcy in this sexy version of Pride, Prejudice and Debauchery.


Pride and Prejudice is the story of how Elizabeth Bennet, and her true love, Darcy, overcome many obstacles, including their own personal failings, on the path to finding romantic and sexual nirvana.

The five Bennet sisters, Elizabeth, Jane, Lydia, Mary and Kitty have been raised well aware of their meddlesome mother's schemes to get them married to secure their family's fate at all costs, yet Mrs. Bennet has no idea just how naughty her daughters can be during their experiences with possible beaus...

The spirited and intelligent Elizabeth, strives to live her life with a broad perspective, as encouraged by her doting father, although as we watch Elizabeth experience the joys of unadulterated passion, it becomes clear that no father would wish to know of his daughter being involved in such dark sexual deeds.
When wealthy bachelor Mr. Bingley takes up residence in a nearby mansion, the Bennets are abuzz. Amongst the man's sophisticated circle of London friends are the influx of young militia officers, meaning that there are no shortage of suitors for the Bennet sisters, and a great deal of frolics and fun are soon to be had.

Meanwhile, eldest daughter Jane seems poised to win Mr. Bingley's heart, and for her part, Elizabeth meets with the handsome and apparently snobbish Mr. Darcy, creating fireworks aplenty right from the start. As she gradually comes to recognise the nobility of Darcy's character however, she realises the error of her initial prejudice against him. But can a girl who refuses to abandon her independent and scrutinising ways ever find true love and a faithful heart? With unexpected twists and shocking revelations awaiting our heroine, she finds herself having to choose between the dashing Mr. Wickham and the proud, aloof Mr. Darcy.

In a world where manners are key, how will our heroine deal with inflamed passions, secrecy and lies, and the lascivious sexual acts - that could be happening in the room right next door...

Join the lives of these Victorian sisters, and experience their passions and lust for yourself - the perfect escape that makes you the star!

Book in Detail

Characters to Personalise

Elizabeth Bennet
Elizabeth is the lead female character in the story. The second daughter in the Bennet family, and the most intelligent and quick-witted, Elizabeth is the protagonist of Pride and Prejudice and one of the most well-known female characters in English literature. She is thoughtful and caring, strong-willed and full of life, and she is the favourite daughter of Mr Bennet. She appears regularly throughout the novel. She falls in love with Mr Darcy and accepts his proposal of marriage at the end.

Mr Darcy - Fitzwilliam Darcy is the main male character. The son of a wealthy, well-established family and the master of the great estate of Pemberley, Darcy is Elizabeth’s male counterpart. Shy and aloof, he makes a poor impression on strangers but those who get to know him value him highly. The narrator relates Elizabeth’s point of view of events more often than Darcy’s, so Elizabeth often seems a more sympathetic figure. The reader eventually realises, however, that Darcy is her ideal match. Darcy is introduced in Chapter 3 and as a main character he features often. He marries Elizabeth.

Now for the Debauchery…. If you’d like an even raunchier version of this novel you can personalise the characters below that are involved in sex scenes throughout our version of Pride, Prejudice & Debauchery. If this is not of interest, please leave the defaults in place and the original characters will be used in your novel, which is still an erotic novel starring the people you have personalised for Elizabeth & Darcy.

Jane Bennet and Charles Bingley - Elizabeth’s beautiful elder sister and Darcy’s wealthy best friend, Jane and Bingley engage in a courtship that occupies a central place in the novel. They are spoken of as a potential couple throughout the book, long before anyone imagines that Darcy and Elizabeth might marry. Their principal characteristics are goodwill and compatibility. Jane and Bingley exhibit to the reader true love unhampered by either pride or prejudice, though in their simple goodness, they also demonstrate that such a love is mildly dull. Bingley marries Jane on the same day as Elizabeth & Darcy, but not before he has engaged in several sexual liaisons with Jane and Elizabeth together. 

George Wickham
- Wickham is an old acquaintance of Darcy’s but they do not get on. On the outside, Wickham is a very pleasant young man, but it masks his fortune-hunting, immoral and deceptive ways. His lovely manners and easy-going nature, however, fool Elizabeth (and everyone else in town) into believing that he's a good man whom Mr Darcy has cheated out of wealth and a career. He is introduced towards the middle of the story and has several sexual encounters with our leading character, Elizabeth.

Lydia Bennet - Lydia is the youngest Bennet sister, 15 years old when the story begins. Petty, small-minded, selfish, and completely lacking an understanding of social propriety, she is truly her mother’s daughter. Her main activity in the book is socialising and flirting. Later in the novel she marries Wickham and we often hear of their bedroom antics.

About The Book:
Pride, Prejudice and Debauchery is based on the entire original work of Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice with some tantalising additions. Our erotic novelist has been true to its original form and sex scenes and liaisons are tastefully written and reference many common sexual terms from the 19th century.

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