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Amsterdam Lessons

Amsterdam Lessons

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155 pages (approx)

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A chance meeting in Amsterdam with a mysterious and glamorous couple draws our leading couple into an intoxicating world where the fulfillment of sexual desire becomes impossible to resist in ‘Amsterdam Lessons’.


Taking a romantic trip to Amsterdam, our leading couple are looking forward to enjoying the passionate and sensual sex they have promised themselves. Yet amongst the elegant, narrow fronted merchant houses and enchanted canals of the city, something is stirring. Our hero and heroines passion soon ignites even their deepest fantasies, taking the fervour between them to breathtaking heights.

A chance meeting with a mysterious and glamorous couple takes them further into an intoxicating world where their only pursuit is pleasure, and the fulfilment of sexual desire becomes impossible to resist. Will our hero and heroine fall deeper into the web of sexual intrigue and fascination or get out before things go too far?

Join us for an Amsterdam adventure that promises to stimulate your senses and fire your imagination with this explicit and exciting love story.

WARNING! Amsterdam Lessons contains explicit sex scenes , graphic language and leading characters are in sex scenes with others.

Book in Detail

Whilst the story is based entirely around our leading couple, there are a few other characters that feature within Amsterdam Lessons.

Camille & Anton - befriend the couple in the hotel they are staying at and invite them to several parties that they host, encouraging the couple to act on their sexual fantasies.

Adri - unknown to the leading couple, Camille arranges Adri to help fulfil the sexual desires of the leading couple. He is involved in one of the sex scenes with our leading couple.

An un-named red headed woman is also involved in one of the sex scenes with the leading couple.

PLEASE NOTE you are unable to change the names of the above characters when completing the questionnaire on the next page.


My husband sooo loved the story and was fun to read together. I also bought two others and they have enjoyed them. What a fun idea for holidays or birthday gift. Thanks again !!!!  Chris Starr

Thank you so much for the fast service! Amsterdam Lessons was the bomb!!! My sweetheart and I couldn't put the book down! Amazing.... Keep up the good work, I will be back to buy again. Looking forward to buying guest house games.   Kim

It only took 20 minutes from the time I found the U Star Novels website to the completion of my order. The website is also easy to navigate & the fact that they can provide a sample excerpt from a novel of your choice, with your information written into the novel, is a bonus. My book arrived in the mail about a week after I ordered it. I was pleased with the experience & I would order from this U Star Novels again.  Karen N

Too much fun! It was way naughtier than I thought it was going to a good way! I bought it for a Valentine's Day gift...totally worth it, and how extremely special!   JW

My girlfriend and I absolutely loved the novel! It was a creative gift choice that certainly helped forge a closer relationship between us!  William Morey

My husband loved this book!. Makes a great first anniversary present.  Lisa W

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