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English Encounters

English Encounters

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170 pages (approx)

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'English Encounters' sees our leading couple embark on an intensely exciting role-playing game. Never imagining what lies in wait for the two of them, will the game cross into reality?


WARNING! English Encounters contains explicit sex scenes, graphic language and the leading characters are in sex scenes with others.

When our leading lady is taken to Brighton, England for a romantic trip away she is expecting a sizzling hot erotic week but nothing prepares her for what our leading man has in mind. He suggests they embark on an intensely exciting role-playing game. Our heroine reluctantly agrees never imagining the amazing tension and passion that lies in wait for the two of them.

By day the couple take pleasure in each other’s company and enjoy exploring the varied culture and history that Brighton has to offer, admiring the fantastic buildings and picturesque parks and taking in the sights and sounds of the city by the sea. By night, following cryptic instructions left for each other on slips of pink paper, the leading couple are drawn deeper and deeper into the game they are playing, losing more of their inhibitions along the way in the scintillating setting of Brighton’s active nightlife.

See what English encounters await our leading couple as they push each other to do new and daring things.

Book in Detail

Whilst the story is based entirely around our leading couple, there are a few other characters that feature within English Encounters.

Gary, nightclub owner and host of exclusive party which brings the novel to an explosive conclusion.

Ralph & Dax, two party goers who are involved in one of the sexual scenes with our leading lady.

May, an attendee at the exclusive party that concludes the story and is involved in one of the sexual scenes with our leading couple.

Please Note, you are unable to change the names of the above characters when completing the questionnaire on the next page.


Many of the descriptions and things in this book were so much like us, my boyfriend actually thought I wrote it!  Jim

My wife loved it!!!  Zack

This is my second purchase, and I am even more thrilled with this one! Bloodlust was also good, but this story is more modern, and very sexy. I hope you come out with a Dance themed book soon! I would enjoy a Dirty Dancing story line! I plan on buying one for every Valentine's Day until we have them all!  Missy

Everything went smoothly. Easy check out, I will tell my friends about U Star Novels.  Dorsi S

Never has the printed word turned me on so much! A perfect gift for couples who may wish to get in the mood or have a giggle. For those who criticise the content regarding multiple lovers, I suggest they might have read the synopsis before purchase. This book was even better than described! Don't even bother looking for a bookmark, you'll have devoured the text through your eyes so quickly you'll be shaking the postman each morning for the next book you have ordered! We both look forward to more encounters (and tips!) from Marie Sterling.  Paul W

Bought for wife and it was not only the best present ever but the fantastic nights after made me wish I found your website a long time ago.  Peter Tunbridge

Majority of the book was unbelievably close to our erotic lives, thoughts, feelings and the way we did things. My boyfriend for the most part thought that I had actually penned it!  Maggie Curtis

My wife really liked it. It was something different that was very interesting to read together.  Stan Steadman

I liked the amount of sexual content but now the content of it. We stopped reading the book as soon as other people were involved in the sex scenes. As the book is so personalised it feels very real as you read and since we do not bring other people into our sex life we felt this to be offensive. I think it would nice to see a book with lots of sex and naughtiness but that it remains just between the couple.  Kay Story

Bloody great, my friend thought it was very funny. The books make excellent birthday presents!  Graham Dickens

This was a Valentines Day gift from my fiance who was going to be out of town for the holiday. It arrived on the 10th & I read a little each day he was gone which made his absence a little less felt. I ended up finishing the book the day he came home, 4 days later, which led to a very happy homecoming for him.  Kate Huston

I personally preferred the book set in Amsterdam. I wasn't a fan of the husband/boyfriend setting up his girlfriend as a porn star. My significant other was blown away by my purchases. Getting him to read is normally difficult, but he couldn't put these books down. It is a fun way to explore a fantasy world that we wouldn't normally take part in during our real life.  Emma Church

I don't think it would turn many guys on thinking about their wife sleeping with 2 other guys... It was a good read, bit raunchier than what I had expected. I'd buy another book, just not one that has her sleeping with other guys..  John Lemmington

We absolutely loved "English Encounters" and felt like it was really us who went to Brighton and experienced all this. It is a great book! We have just bought "Amsterdam Lessons" and can't wait for the next book. Thank you very much!  Rosie Pocock

This was a great, unusual Valentines gift which my wife loved. She takes it away with her on her business trips and reads it then. It was something unusual, well presented and delivered very quickly. Brilliant product and service.  James Randall

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