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Louisiana Whispers

Louisiana Whispers

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170 pages (approx)

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Its not just our leading couple whispering sweet nothings to each other in ‘Louisiana Whispers’, but an earthbound spirit needing their help to uncover the truth of a mysterious disappearance over 90 years ago.


For over 90 years the mysterious disappearance of Larraine Boudreaux has gone unsolved. When our leading couple arrives in New Orleans’ French Quarter for a passionate weekend and check into their suite at the Boudreaux Inn, they have no idea that they are about to be drawn into the heart of the mystery.

From the very first night, our couple’s passion takes on a dark, intensely erotic flavor. As they push one another to greater and deeper depths of ecstasy, the mystery surrounding Larraine begins to unfold.

Beginning to suspect that Larraine herself may be behind the strange happenings they are experiencing, our leading couple unwittingly become entangled with Louisiana's supernatural subculture as they delve into Larraine’s secrets and uncover betrayal, forbidden love and unwavering passion.

Book in Detail

Whilst the story is based entirely around our leading couple, there are a few other characters that feature within Louisiana Whispers.

Sasha, a store assistant, she is tall with a runway-model type of beauty pared with a heavy bosom and involved in a threesome scene with our leading couple in the 'wild' version of Louisiana Whispers.
Marcel, a tour guide, who takes our leading couple on a walking tour of the cemeteries.

Larraine Boudreaux, she mysteriously disappeared back in the 1920’s and is the spirit trying to contact our leading couple.

Marcus Labossiere, Larraine's fiance who was accused of murdering her on their wedding night.

Philippe, Larraine Boudreaux's secret lover.

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Never brought one before but we loved it!  S/L

If you want a steamy erotic novel but don't want any characters taking over the story from the personalised couple? This is the novel (mild version)! I loved reading from start to finish! Recommend to anyone that are into erotic novels and even as a gift to your lover! Ustar novels have been a brilliant help. My first book was Blood Lust the mild version. However, due to my own reasons I was very upset with what I received. Don't let my word put you off blood lust as to some people they will love the novel. It was just not for me. Ustar was very understanding and within 24hours they messaged me and let me replace my book!   Rebecca Pilcher

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