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Power Play

Power Play

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196 pages (approx)

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An explicit personalised erotic novel about the thrill of power games, erotic control and submitting to the passions of a lover.


On a holiday in Greece, our leading couple find themselves at a party where before they are allowed to enter they must sign their pleasure over to the hosts.  The pleasure of surrendering to the will of another, or others, is unique. Our couple decide to go ahead, leaving their sex lives in the hands of total strangers.

Even though they both have a night of passion, our leading lady refused to be completely dominated when ordered by the hosts, and her punishment is severe.  They have kidnapped her, with her leading man nowhere to be found. Given a series of clues, will he work out where she is being held, and when he finally does, will our leading lady be prepared to give in to her captor’s demands in order to be freed?

Book in Detail

Whilst the story is based entirely around our leading couple, there are a few other characters that feature within Power Play.

Elisa & Jacob - a glamorous couple from Switzerland who introduce our leading couple to the party.

Athena & Alin - the hosts of the party. Anthea is involved in a threesome scene with the leading couple.

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