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Spanish Sizzle

Spanish Sizzle

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156 pages (approx)

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In ‘Spanish Sizzle’ our leading couple are surprised to learn that each are secret agents until they end up working on the same job, to return a stolen blueprint for an unfinished masterpiece in Barcelona.


Within the majestic towers of Gaudi’s unfinished masterpiece, La Sagrada Familia, a secret has lain buried for over seventy years. The key to unlock its treasures had long been thought lost but when a single blueprint is uncovered, MI6 sends out its top agents on a mission to rescue the document from the greedy hands of a billionaire industrialist set on plundering the secret treasures hidden in the church.

MI6 has selected its best male agent and its best female agent for the mission - trouble is, they are lovers and neither of them knows the other is a secret agent. Will they uncover each other’s dark secret? Will their love place the mission in jeopardy? Only the magical city of Barcelona holds the answers.

Book in Detail

Whilst the story is based entirely around our leading couple, there are a few other characters that feature within Spanish Sizzle.

Davenport, is the boss of our leading couple at MI6.

Napier, is the billionaire industrialist that our leading couple are after on their secret mission.

Michael Faulkes, trained to become a secret agent with our leading lady, but is now working for Napier.

Janet Edmonds, Napier's secretary.

Sister Marta, is Mother Superior of La Sagrada Familia.

Please Note, you are unable to change the names of the above characters when completing the questionnaire on the next page. In the case where the leading hero's name is Michael, the character Michael Faulkes will be changed in the story.


I was having problems with my payment and someone from U Star contacted me, I Had my order in and they went ahead and sent the books to press, even before I had the shipping payment figured out, and they managed to get to me in time for Valentines Day. Made for a good gift, she says she might even re-read them. Looking forward to buying more of the 2kiss or lower books, nothin too deviant.  Christopher

I loved this book. Brought it for my self as a treat. So want a sequel of what happens in New York hopefully lots of sexy time for the couple. I want to see if the relationship between them grows stronger also to see Michael return from the 'dead' to reclaim Grace back   Stephanie

I recieved this book last week for my girlfriends christmas present. I opened it to take a peek however read the whole thing. Such a brilliant idea for a gift to a loved one and a fantastic service provided. Will certainly be using your service again. Thank you USTAR.  tom

Loved the spy angle and the secrecy. This was a fun story all around and the characters were quite likeable.   Karen

I really enjoyed the product, fast delivery, and my wife loves to read it to me. I would recommend this product to any guy looking for a good gift for his wife or long term girlfriend  Ruben P

Perfect 1st wedding anniversary gift, my wife truly loved it. She couldn’t think of comparable gift to get me.   Harj Sahota

It was a fun gift and I definitely would do it again. I would like to have more choices in each Lovin-o-Meter category.  Cate Donovan

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