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Back For Moore

Back For Moore

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144 pages (approx)

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In 'Back For Moore' our M/M leading couple take to the swell of the high seas after being spotted by a talent scout to replace the lead singer of a band, but will our leading hero actually get to take to the stage?


Everyone has a singer in them, right?

After giving the performance of his life, paying tribute to his favourite vocalist Rick Moore at the local karaoke bar, one of our heroes get an unexpected surprise when he is approached by a talent scout. The scout, coincidentally, is the manager of Rick Moore's band, and she's looking for a new frontman to re-launch the band following Rick's tragic death five years ago.

When offered to test the new concept onboard a cruise ship on the East Coast of America, our couple find this a great excuse to rediscover each other amongst the swell of the high seas. But as the days pass and the upcoming gig is looming, it becomes clear that Rick Moore's untimely death could be more of an unsolved mystery than everyone originally thought.

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