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U Star Novels Press Release

U Star Novels Launches Personalized Vampire Romance Novel, Blood Lust

Friday, November 5, 2010

U Star Novels, award-winning publisher of personalised novels has unveiled the latest addition to their line up of saucy personalised novels for adults, with vampire adventure romance novel, ‘Blood Lust’.


Twilight lovers and vampire fans have the chance to co-author and become the leading star of this personalised novel that will see them being drawn into a mysterious world of dark, supernatural desire.


Set in the exotic location of Santorini, Greece. Santorini is well known to Greeks as the final resting place for vampires. Named after Saint Irene, the volcanic island hides secrets that are thousands of years old. Deep in its core is a hot spring with mystical properties that is said to drain vampires of their dark powers, returning them to humanity.


Stumbling across a local festival, an intoxicating local cocktail seduces our leading couple, and the night leaves them with more than just love bites.


In the week that follows, our lovers find themselves fuelled by a strange energy that not only intensifies their senses but their passion too. Drawn into an electrifying underworld of sex, magic and blood lust, they must fight against the seductive lure of the local vampires or join their ranks forever. In their quest to remain human, our couple discover a passionate new depth to their love that will turn out to be their greatest weapon.


Readers can include personal details such as hair colour, eye colour, favourite music, favourite food and even favourite lingerie which make up some of the story's 30 personalised details that result in thousands of changes in each book. Blood Lust is a 174-page, professionally bound paperback novel.

Katie Olver, U Star Novels founder, commented, "We’re really excited about our first personalised vampire book, Blood Lust.  There is really nothing else out there that enables people to step into their own novel and explore their vampire fantasies.  This erotic personalised vampire novel will be a great stocking filler for those looking for something a bit different this Christmas. Twilight, Eclipse and True Blood lovers will love this personalise novel.”


U Star Novels is the world’s leading company of personalised novels.  Blood Lust is the company's 28th novel, which makes up their line up of personalised romantic and personalised classic novels. 




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